Contest #8: Memorable Bosses

In Contests on January 14, 2016 at 10:15 pm

Cherry-Office-Chair_Edit-1170x1534The Prompt
Tell us about the manager who has affected you the most—for better or for worse No real names, please. Just vivid, juicy tales from your work life, past or present.

Midnight PST on February 15, 2016

The Prize
$200 for the winner, to be announced on February 22, 2016. The winning entry, and perhaps some other entries, will be published here on Work Stew.

Eligibility and Word Count
Only entries that have not been published elsewhere are eligible. Word limit: 600 words, max.

How to Submit
Email your entry to You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of sending in your entry.

  1. […] latest Work Stew contest has been announced. The prompt this time is “Memorable Bosses”: “Tell us about […]

  2. […] Work Stew, a website of work-related essays and interviews, wants to hear about your “memorable bosses” for its free writing contest. […]

  3. […] Work Stew, a website of work-related essays and interviews, wants to hear about your “memorable bosses” for its free writing contest. […]

  4. I Robert Ngwira of malawi on 12/10/2012 I was offers an occupational health certificate to start training as locomotive train driver for certain brazillian company in Mozambique and I was fit to start my training.I started training with certain consultant service Ltd
    on 2012/11/19 we went to Mozambique to continue our training in Beira where by income with some certificates. after training we went back to malawi and attached to railway company where by I was given another certificate after that the company selected some of us to go again in Mozambique to do practical work in c30i and gt locomotives we have been there for a year. while ion my duty I fall sick due to malaria attack and I was sent to Mozambique private hospitals but they tried and send me to my country malawi where i was given a proper medication on malaria and I was discharged on 13/07/2015
    in September I was told to attend a certain training and got there another certificate .after training company send me toedical check up this was annual check up dispatched that I was just coming out of hospital addimittion and given travelling documents to start working Malawi and Mozambique .on17 December I was told that I must not report to work due my medical certificate which shows that due the malaria was not fit to continue working owed advised to meet company nurse for that issueon which she told me to get afresh report from my doctor since the time when I went to medical check up I was not fully recovered and I understood in which I did and the doctor give me a medical certificate to present to my work upon waiting for anew report to be considered on January 2016 12 I receive termination letter on medical grounds as of now I am job less this manager affect me most in my life I have spend 4 good years in this training at last he have done this to me.

  5. […] The Memorable Bosses Contest Deadline:15th February 2016. Prizes: The winner will receive $200 and publication on Work Stew Notes: Free to enter. Submit a tale about the manager who has affected you the most—for better or for worse. No real names. Max 600 words. […]

  6. Is it possible to enter this as ‘Anonymous’? Some of us still work in the same small field!

  7. Yes, S, pen names are always allowed.

  8. […] you to all who entered “Memorable Bosses,” the latest Work Stew writing contest. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the entries I received. Even though I’ve been running […]

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