There’s a lot of job searching going on these days–but it seems that there’s also a lot of work-related soul searching. Work Stew is a place to read what’s on the minds of others and to contribute your own thoughts. To learn more, please visit the FAQ.

To submit an essay of your own or to suggest an interview subject for the Work Stew podcast, please write to

Submissions and suggestions are welcomed from all over the world and from all kinds of contributors: men and women of all ages, writing about all types of work.

The views expressed in the essays are those of the contributors; Work Stew’s role is simply to create a forum for sharing and discussion.

Work Stew is produced on Bainbridge Island, Washington by Kate Gace Walton.

  1. […] after dis­cov­er­ing the won­der­ful Work Stew site, I read an essay by Tasha Hueb­ner that com­pletely wowed me. It was funny and smart and […]

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